About The COVID-19 Story Project

Why A Story project?

My idea for the project was inspired in part by the 14th century story collection, “The Decameron”. It’s set during the Black Plague of 1348 and the stories are told by ten men and women who self-isolate (true story) and amuse themselves by telling stories. While the stories are fictional, the setting is fact. Here’s how the author, Boccaccio, describes the onset of the Plague in his introduction:

“[In 1348] the noble city of Florence…was visited by the deadly pestilence…whatever its cause, it had originated some years earlier in the East, where it had claimed countless lives before it unhappily spread westward, growing in strength as it swept relentlessly on from one place to the next.

…What made this pestilence even more severe was that whenever those suffering from it mixed with people who were still unaffected, it would rush upon these with the speed of a fire racing through dry or oily substances that happened to come within its reach…it also seemed to transfer the sickness to anyone touching the clothes or other objects which had been handled or used by its victims… Against these maladies, it seemed that all the advice of physicians and all the power of medicine were profitless and unavailing.

Some people were of the opinion that a sober and abstemious mode of living considerably reduced the risk of infection. They therefore formed themselves into groups and lived in isolation from everyone else.”

Sounds eerily familiar 7 centuries later, doesn’t it? It struck me that the people of 14th century Italy experienced exactly what we are going through today. And that led me to the idea of collecting stories centered around the pandemic. If you would like to contribute yours, please email me at barry@bridgeviewmedia.com. Tell me your story, using the following questions as prompts:

  1. When do you remember first becoming aware of the Corona virus and how did you respond?
  2. What’s been your biggest take-away of living and managing through the pandemic?
  3. Do you think the experience will change your POV, moving forward?
  4. What’s the first thing you want to do when this is all over?

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